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Name:   FlyGuy The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   New Member FlyGuy
Date:   12/16/2016 5:32:29 PM

John, thanks for the info.  We had lunch 4 years ago at Kowaliga when my wife and I were looking at a house in Trillium and working with the other John C (you picked us up in the pontoon).  I went out the other day with Jim, and he showed me the nothern part of the lake above the Ridge.  Jim is an encyclopedia of knowledge about Martin, and I learned a lot, and hope to continue to into the future.  Thanks Jim!  In fact, we weren't a 1000ft from the dock in the first 5 minutes, he saw a baitball on my fishfinder, stopped the boat, jigged one of his spoons and boated a nice spot.  Took me a whole day the previous day to do as well.  Problem is, the baitballs appear locked in the thermoclines at least 20ft under the surface.  Jim has some great spoons, and I'm going to get some, but I'm thinking of tying some fast sinking flies.  Just not sure if jigging with a fly counts as on the fly (although I'm not sure who makes those rules anyway).  I've seen those videaos before with David, and they're great.  Thanks for the work in posting those.  A great group on this forum, and as we pass the knowledge around, hopefully more time catching and less time fishing. 

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