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Name:   Aardvark The author of this post is registered as a member - Email Member
Subject:   New Member FlyGuy
Date:   12/19/2016 4:46:15 PM

I love watching people fishing in front of our place.  Most of them hit the visible rocks on one point and maybe the neighbor's big dock, and then move to the point on the other side and fish near the bank.  None of them fish the deeper rocks offshore from the visible rocks, they completely miss the secondary point straight out from the dock, and they are oblivious to the rocks behind them on the other point.  If these people would use the electronics on their bass boats, they would see what they are missing.  If they would pay attention to the guy in the jonboat without a motor fishing several casts away from the shore, they should at least get curious as to why I am casting and catching in open water.  I know that Garmin was mapping the lake over the summer, so these spots are probably on their fishfinders.  Lowrance and Humminbird units either have built in maps or accept memory cards for map software, so if they have good electronics, they have access to this information.

Another thing you can do is use satellite views from Google Earth or Bing maps.  Currently on Bing, the west side, including my part of Little Kowaliga, has images shot at 480 winter pool.  Things most people don't know exist are clearly visible. Google is the same way for parts of the east side.  Print off some pictures and go exploring with your electronics and see what lives there.

The key thing to remember when fishing Martin is that it is a spotted bass lake, and spots prefer deep water, just like the stripers.  Electronics are a big help in fishing where the spots and stripers live, but knowledge of the lake can help you.  That is how I can push out a jonboat and fish in front of the cabin and catch fish in places most people don't even know about.

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